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Windmere Clothes Shaver CS-1CP


Product Shot 1 The Pros:Good job removing fuzz/pills, esp. if fabric laid out flat per directions, esp. from polar fleece. This is my 3rd of similar product.

This hand-sized unit removes fuzz and pills from clothing. It operates on 1 "C" battery (not included).

The serrated hexagons trap the fuzz while 3 spinning blades remove it into the container.

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This shaver was tested on an old jacket -- one of those ones with leather arms and a fuzzy torso. Initially, it became evident that a pear of powerful shears would have made a better choice. But with a little persistence, it removed the most visible signs of wear. It greatly reduced the apparent age of the beloved old apparel. For small jobs, it seems great. For more serious jobs ask yourself: isn't it about time to let go of that piece of clothing?

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    Good job removing fuzz/pills, esp. if fabric laid out flat per directions, esp. from polar fleece. This is my 3rd of similar product.


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Anonymous: #windmere_clothes_shaver_cs_1cp I came here from imgur. Thanks linker Oct 28, 13
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sinedar: #windmere_clothes_shaver_cs_1cp i also have this product...its an old one the CS-2,and i would also like to know if there is a way to sharpen the blades...or are there replacement blades.... Nov 9, 08
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Amanie: #windmere_clothes_shaver_cs_1cp Does anyone know where you can get 'C' batteries? I just found this at my parents house (still in brand new packaging!) and really want to use it. Feb 22, 08
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billnmary: #windmere_clothes_shaver_cs_1cp We have a model # CS-2 and would like to know if we can purchse replacement blades for the unit. I would not know how to sharpen the present blades.
Bill Gamble Dec 5, 07
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Omar: #windmere_clothes_shaver_cs_1cp I think your best bet might be to just sharpen the blades yourself. 20 years is a long time! Jan 24, 07
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kagero: #windmere_clothes_shaver_cs_1cp Just pulled mine out of the drawer after 20 years, and it worked great on two of my sweaters. My question is: Are there replacement blades available? Joan Jan 24, 07
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jumbybay: #windmere_clothes_shaver_cs_1cp I still have the one that my parents bought for me when I went away to college back in 98...scary. I didn't know they were still around. Jan 17, 07
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Erik: #windmere_clothes_shaver_cs_1cp This product is a blast from the past. I haven't seen anything like this since I used one in the early 90s. Weird. Jan 13, 07
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    Anonymous: use a match box to sharpen the blades Dec 23, 11

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: " a pair of powerful shears" hope that he who asks the question gets cancer in the taint! Dec 24, 13

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