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Wham-O Snowball Blaster

$30.00 Released October, 2008

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Uses elastomers for power. Stores 3 snowballs in reserve.

The Cons:Overkill. Just throw snowballs the old fashioned way.

The Snowball Blaster by Wham-O launches softball-sized snowballs up to 50 feet. The blaster uses a slingshot action to launch the snowball and can store up to 3 snowballs at a time. Instead of requiring batteries, the blaster uses 'elastomers' for power, which perform similar to elastics in gearing up the blaster for launch.

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Product Shot 2 Since this product is used in colder weather, cold-resistant plastic makes up the device.


  • Holds up to 3 snowballs at a time
  • No batteries required
  • Launches up to 50 feet
  • Wrist support handle
  • Dimensions: 17.25" x 5" x 11.75"

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  • 2

    Uses elastomers for power

  • 1

    Stores 3 snowballs in reserve

  • 3

    Overkill. Just throw snowballs the old fashioned way

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GT-D: #wham_o_snowball_blaster Hahaha, its no lawn darts. THAT was an accident waiting to happen - that did happen - many times.

I am amused by this - but do agree that just throwing the snowballs seems like a better option. Nov 4, 08
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Amanie: #wham_o_snowball_blaster This seems like an accident waiting to happen. A fun accident, but an accident nonetheless. Nov 3, 08
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