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WarMouse Meta

$80.00 Released June, 2010

Product Shot 1 The Pros:No annoying / distracting lights. Affordable price point compared to less functional mice. The most advanced mouse available - 18 buttons, thumb joystick and 512k of internal memory.

The Cons:Extreme nerd factor. What a piece of junk. Unattractive / cheaper looking and feeling plastic enclosure.

The WarMouse Meta is a mouse designed to help with complicated appliations and gaming. The most striking feature of the WarMouse Meta is the fact that it has 18 buttons on it (that is, 16 more than a regular mouse).

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The Meta Modeware software included allows you to assign specific functions to each button (for example, opening certain websites or programs). You can create and alter the application profiles of each button. There are also 63 operating modes available. These modes correspond to specific programs, websites and games. The buttons are divided in half by the clickable scroll wheel into left and right groupings. On each far side are the regular left and right click buttons. The other seven buttons on each side are labeled A1-A7 and B1-B7, and the left edge has a joystick and rounded-triangle clicker. This design is geared toward making the many commands of games like World of Warcraft realizable on a single mouse. This goal was the inspiration for the WarMouse Meta's creation, though this mouse will also be useful for applications that have nested pull-down menus and hotkey combinations. WarMouse promotes the Meta as having 12x the functionality of a regular two-button mouse. 


  • 18 buttons
  • Color: Black
  • Plastic casing
  • 3.5 foot cord
  • Clickable scroll wheel
  • High-resolution laser sensor
  • Meta Modeware software
  • Analog joystick (five analog and digital modes)
  • Rounded-triangle clicker
  • 63 operating modes
  • Five button modes: Key, Keypress, Macro, Mouse and Mouse-Key Combo
  • 512k of flash memory
  • Optional audio notification of mode switching
  • PDF export of application mode button assignments
  • Graphical pop-up map of button assignments

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  • 3

    no annoying / distracting lights

  • 1

    affordable price point compared to less functional mice

  • 1

    the most advanced mouse available - 18 buttons, thumb joystick and 512k of internal memory

  • 1

    extremely accurate 5600dpi laser

  • 1

    highly customizable for use with applications and games - can improve productivity

  • 1

    pre-configured profiles for individual applications and games are downloadable

  • 1

    profile layouts can be exported and viewed as PDFs

  • 1

    512k of memory can store up to 63 simultaneous modes

  • 1

    support software is open source

  • 1

    great Windows-based software for exploring the mouses various functions and options

  • 1

    thumb joystick is great for navigating websites

  • 4

    extreme nerd factor

  • 4

    What a piece of junk

  • 3

    unattractive / cheaper looking and feeling plastic enclosure

  • 3

    no standard 2-button layout - difficult or impossible for people to sit down and use your computer

  • 3

    not ergonomic to hold

  • 3

    Windows only software, with OSX on the way

  • 3

    the pain of remembering / getting used to multiple profiles and button configurations

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