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Sony Xplod DSX-S300BTX

$280.00 Released September, 2010

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Very feature rich, many ways to enhance the listening experience. Solid construction, the front panel buttons feel solid. Signal quality is very high, no static or loss of clarity.

The Cons:At times the stereo will turn itself on and start playing as soon as an iPod is connected. IPhone not useable in Tune Tray due to loss of signal (per owners manual). Dimmer does not dim buttons on HU, only text.

The Sony Xplod DSX-S300BTX is a car stereo head unit built for digital media support. While a great deal of support for USB connectible devices is provided, it should be noted that no CD drive is included.

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Two USB inputs are available, with one hidden behind the front flip-down face panel for easy access. An integrated tray holds iPods, iPhones and other compatible devices and helps to keep wires tucked out of the way. The Advanced Sound Engine manages equalization and uses DM+ sound restoration to help fill in the gaps left by compressed audio. An automatic playlist creator is included, and a number of functions for finding songs are available including a Quick-BrowZer that lets the user flip through the full list and a ZAPPIN function that plays samples from each song. Bluetooth is integrated to allow for hands-free phone calls.


  • Flip-down Face with Front USB
  • Dual USB 1-Wires Inputs
  • Advanced Sound Engine: EQ7, DM+ advanced sound restoration
  • Satellite Radio2 / HD Radio Ready
  • Integrated Tune Tray
  • SensMe App Music Channels playlist creator
  • Wireless Remote, blue or red illumination
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology
  • Quick-BrowZer feature, Jump Mode, ZAPPIN intro clips
  • Internal 52W x 4 amplifier
  • 4 V Front, Rear and Sub RCA pre-amp outputs
  • Radio Data System (RDS)

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    very feature rich, many ways to enhance the listening experience

  • 1

    solid construction, the front panel buttons feel solid

  • 1

    signal quality is very high, no static or loss of clarity

  • 1

    enough output power to create loud volumes without needing a separate amplifier

  • 1

    pre-amp outputs provide a clear signal at optimal voltage for further amplification

  • 1

    can handle high-capacity USB drives without any lockups or read delays

  • 1

    file browsing is fast and well designed

  • 1

    at times the stereo will turn itself on and start playing as soon as an iPod is connected

  • 1

    IPhone not useable in Tune Tray due to loss of signal (per owners manual)

  • 1

    Dimmer does not dim buttons on HU, only text.

  • 0

    Iphone not compatible with SensMe software, and as such SensMe function on head unit not usable with Iphone

  • -1

    the unit is bugged, every time you connect the iphone via bluetooth while it is already USB connected and playing music, it will mute the music and you'll have to replug iphone to get the sound back

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CrymsonX: #sony_xplod_dsx_s300btx Beware IPhone users!

I have major problems with how Sony is marketing this unit versus the reality of it. I have always had Sony head units, and this is the first time I have ever written a bad review.

I have an iPhone 4. According to everything I have read on both Sony's site and retailers of this unit, it is iPhone compatible.... and it is.... to a point.

After receiving the unit and reading the manual I discovered that Sony warns not to put any cellular devices into the internal Tune Tray. Basically because you will lose your signal. OK, so now because my audio device and my cellular device are one and the same I can no longer use one of the main selling points of this unit.

Next I decided to set up the SensMe software on my PC. After going through the installation I hit a brick wall. Due to a combination of Apple's restrictions and/or Sony's inability to work with them on a solution, the iPhone is not compatible. So I lose yet another unique feature from this head unit.

After spending a total of about 1.5 hours with online chat support (don't bother) and phone support I have registered two complaints, not just about the lack of compatibility, but more so about the lack of documentation explaining such. Which is why I am writing this review and will post it everywhere i can so people will know what they are buying.

So, now I have to purchase a cable to run from my iPhone to the USB port on the outside of the head unit (the internal tune tray which I CAN'T use came with an adapter, but its only for use internally), purchase mounting hardware for the phone so that it doesn't roll around in my car (hence why I loved the idea of the Tune Tray) and I get to have wires hanging all over the place. Thanks Sony, you couldn't have placed some disclaimers, warnings, or notes somewhere in the features or specs of this unit? Dec 22, 10
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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: CrymsonX try to READ the manual next time.... Stupid... May 26, 11

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: I can agree this review.
    I am realy totaly disapointed of this sony product.
    Nov 10, 12

vj tang
vj tang: #sony_xplod_dsx_s300btx i need to ask the sony dsx-s100,s200 and s-300 can release the front panel or not??is it so important quetion.. hope can get your mail soon.. thanks Dec 15, 10
comments (2)
  • Omar

    Omar: When you say "release" do you mean remove entirely? The front panel does flip down like a door and has a slot for your iPod. Dec 15, 10

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: The front panel is also removable. Jan 10, 11

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