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RIM BlackBerry OS 6

Released July, 2010

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Webkit based browser with support for tabs. Multitouch support. System wide kinetic scrolling.

The Cons:Home screen looks very busy and disorganized. Upgrades focus on the consumer rather than RIM's core business-centric market.

The RIM BlackBerry OS 6 is the 6th generation of RIM's Blackberry Operating System for use with BlackBerry smartphones.  The core applications have all been redesigned and it features updated graphics, animations and transitions with contextual menu pop-ups that expand upon the RIM's BlackBerry OS 5 theme.

There is a new customizable homescreen with multiple views based on content type (all, favorite apps, downloads, media, etc.) as well as universal search. The RIM Blackberry OS 6 uses a touchscreen with multitouch features similar to the iPhone such as pinch-to-zoom. Other updates include a revamped media player and improved social networking capabilities with better integration with Facebook and Twitter. The RIM Blackberry OS 6 will also feature an improved WebKit browser that uses the same technology that is behind Apple's Safari browser on the iPhone OS. The browser will support multiple sessions and tabbed browsing.


  • Redesigned core applications
  • Updated user interface
  • Customizable homescreen with multiple views
  • Touchscreen with multitouch capablitlites
  • Social networking integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Web browser with multiple session support and tabbed browsing

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  • 4

    webkit based browser with support for tabs

  • 4

    multitouch support

  • 3

    system wide kinetic scrolling

  • 3

    customizable home screen

  • 3

    RSS and social networking integration

  • 3

    brings the BlackBerry platform closer to the touchscreen intensive / social feature rich competition

  • 3

    slicker visual execution

  • 1

    webkit browser is highly standards-compliant in HTML5 tests

  • 2

    home screen looks very busy and disorganized

  • 1

    upgrades focus on the consumer rather than RIM's core business-centric market

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Erik: Weird. Statcounter reports that Blackberry OS trumps Apple iOS for mobile web browsing for the first time. That seems backwards:


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