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Rane Empath

$1,200.00 Released August, 2010

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Compact design doesn't take up much room next to the other equipment. Easy to use, everything is accessible and easy to work with. Audio output is clear and crisp, looses nothing from the signal.

The Rane Empath is a premium three channel DJ mixer. Rane promotes the Empath as combining their own advanced technology with the vision of hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash. As the Empath is a format mixer, it can be used with both digital and analog music sources.

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This 10" mixer has a universal internal power supply (which accepts 100-240 VAC or 50/60 Hz power), which means that you can power it anywhere without the use of an adapter. There also multiple input options for the Empath, meaning that you can use XLR, TRS or RCA connectors. The Auto-Gain feature of this mixer keeps the settings level when you are switching between sources, so that there are no unexpected jumps in sound. The FlexFX feature of the Empath is a post-fader stereo effects loop, designed for adding external effects like reverb. There are individual Dry/Wet pan controls for each of the three channels as well as the mic input, so that you can be precise about the effects in your sound. The Flash-Cue feature of the Empath allows you to switch between crossfader A and crossfader B with the flick of a switch. In promotion, Rane emphasizes the fact that the Empath will perform well for all DJ genres, including techno, hip-hop and reggae. There are four color options available for the Rane Empath DJ mixer, including Grandmaster Flash Signature Gold.


  • Compact size (10")
  • Color options
  • 3 channels
  • Lexan top plate
  • Universal internal power supply
  • Auto-Gain
  • FlexFX
  • Mic input
  • Penny and Giles faders
  • Soft rubber/hard plastic caps
  • Flash-Cue
  • Multiple outputs
  • Headphone tone controls
  • 1/4" and 35mm headphone jacks
  • Two assignable CD triggers
  • Accelerated-Slope
  • Crossfader assign switches
  • Level meters
  • 2 crossfaders

Color Options

  • Black on Black
  • Rotary Empath
  • Original Blue
  • Grandmaster Flash Signature Gold

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  • 1

    compact design doesn't take up much room next to the other equipment

  • 1

    easy to use, everything is accessible and easy to work with

  • 1

    audio output is clear and crisp, looses nothing from the signal

  • 1

    versatile design enables battle mixing, general club use, outdoor events

  • 1

    professional-grade features allow for perfect and seamless mixing with a variety of techniques

  • 1

    lasts for many years without a hint of degrading performance

  • 1

    performs consistently from one day to the next, always know what to expect from it


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