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Product Shot 1Pinky St are a favourite collectible doll for Japanese girls of all ages, that girls in the know in Europe and the United States are picking up on. She's a 4 inch high vinyl girl - part action figure, part doll, part kubrick - that you can change and adapt to make the character you want.

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Product Shot 2 Pinky St dolls are sold in a pack with alternative legs and tops to mix and match,  the sizes are consistent throughout the range so you can buy any other Pinky  and mix components up to make entirely unique characters.

In Japan there are six series of dolls released, each series introducing two or three new characters bringing the total number of available characters to 18, not counting the special editions and Pinky:COS figures.  Some of these include Pinky girls dressed like characters from Neon Genesis Evangelion, Wild Arms, and Sakura Wars.  There are also Pinky motor scooters and cars.   Official accessory kits are available for customization along with "garage" kits made by enthusiastic fans. All designs are made by BabySue, sometimes in collaboration with other artis and designers for special editions, while the manufacturing is done by Vance Project.

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GT-D: #pinky_street I'm always amazed by Japanese collectibles - so many crazy designs Aug 5, 07
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