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Mountain Dew White Out

$1.99 Released January, 2010

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Nice light citrusy flavor. Can get a hint of various tropical fruits.

The Cons:Doesn't really taste like Mountain Dew (packaging is misleading). Not widely available- limited distribution. 280 calories per 20oz bottle.

Mountain Dew White Out was the winning flavor chosen by a cross country promotional event called "DEWmocracy". In 2010 Mountain Dew took to the streets to decide what the people wanted as a new flavor and color.

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Product Shot 2 White Out beat out Mountain Dew Distortion and Mountain Dew Typhoon as the winning vote. 

Mountain Dew White Out is cloudy white in color and stands out from the rest of the Mountain Dew product line. It kind of looks like soapy dishwater and the color may turn some people off. The flavor is light and has a strong citrus influence similar to Fresca or Pepsi's other citrus drink Surge. 

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    Nice light citrusy flavor

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    Can get a hint of various tropical fruits

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    Doesn't really taste like Mountain Dew (packaging is misleading)

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    Not widely available- limited distribution

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    280 calories per 20oz bottle

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    The flavor is kind of bland especially for something with the Mountain Dew brand name

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