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Marvell Moby

$100.00 Released August, 2010

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Affordable price point. 1080p full high definition playback. FM radio.

The Cons:Release point too far in the future. Sounds too good to be true. Not an e-ink display.

The Marvell Moby is a $99 tablet PC geared especially towards young students as a textbook altenrative. It allows users to obtain electronic versions of textbooks, thereby reducing student expenses, especially at the university level.

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Plus the Moby is extra lightweight, making it easy to tug along through school. As for performance, the Moby features ARMADA 600 series processors, 1080p full-HD encoding/decoding, intelligent power management, and wireless connectivity via WiFi, Bluetooth, FM radio, and GPS. Plus it’s compatible with both Windows Mobile and Google Android operating system. Most importantly, the Moby supports 3D media and comes equipped with full Flash Internet capabilities, meaning students can access and view any video online that they may need to review.

Additional Information

”According to Ms. Dai, Marvell will soon announce a pilot program in partnership with the District of Columbia Public School system (DCPS) where the Company will donate a Moby tablet to every child in an at-risk school as part of a multi-year program in new media and learning.  Details of this program will be announced at a future date.”


  • Educational Tablet PC
  • Extra Lightweight, But Durable
  • ARMADA 600 Series Processors
  • 1080P Full-HD Encoding/Decoding
  • Intelligent Power Management
  • Versatile Wireless Connectivity
  • Operating System Flexibility
  • Supports 3D Media
  • Full Flash Internet Support

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  • 4

    affordable price point

  • 3

    1080p full high definition playback

  • 3

    FM radio

  • 3


  • 3

    Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity

  • 3

    built-in e-reader

  • 3

    Flash support

  • 3

    compatible with both Windows Mobile and Android platforms

  • 3

    ideal for students - cuts back on weight and textbook costs

  • 3

    release point too far in the future

  • 3

    sounds too good to be true

  • 3

    not an e-ink display

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