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Product Shot 1 The Pros:Deceptively soft. Many sizes, shapes and colors to choose from. A great ice breaker. (not literally, of course).

The Cons:Questionable availability. I could make this myself!

These stone cushions look so comfy and fun to play! livingstones are the creation of designer Stephanie Marin from Nice, France under the signature SMARIN.

"A high quality, surrealistic set practical as a floor cushion.

Product Shot 2  Oversized pebbles, a resting area with varying sizes and shapes that can be arranged according to your mood, for contemporary interiors."

Made of wool, neoprene and polar fleece.very worthy

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    Deceptively soft

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    Many sizes, shapes and colors to choose from.

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    A great ice breaker. (not literally, of course)

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    Promotes creativity.

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    Questionable availability.

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    I could make this myself!

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Anonymous: #livingstones where can you buy these? Nov 13, 10
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Liz H
Liz H: #livingstones Anyone know where I can buy these in the states? Mar 25, 10
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theanticonsumer: #livingstones Just goes to prove that no matter how "civilized" we become, our Stone Age nature will ooze through the frame of modern life. Jun 3, 08
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newyorkaccents: #livingstones Absolutely love this idea! Dec 10, 07
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Mr.G.Pejatta: #livingstones Who ever came up with this inventive livingstone idea, my hats off to... yah man!! Mar 9, 07
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