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Freedom Leg Walking Brace

$399.00 Released January, 2010

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Light Weight - 2 lbs. Fast & Easy Adjustments. Velcro makes putting on and taking off easy and fast.

The Cons:Not able to rent. Unable to adjust to get toes off ground (good for partial weight bearing but not full non weight bearing. Keeps the injured foot down whereas you want to keep the foot up to reduce pain and swelling.

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The Freedom Leg Walking Brace is a revolutionary breakthrough in mobility that frees both hands while keeping all weight off of the foot, ankle & knee.

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Product Shot 2 Comfortably countered to your thigh, it allows near normal walking as you continue your life, lifestyle & livelihood.

Ideal for people who

  • Can not bear weight on knee, ankle or foot

  • Can not use crutches due to an associated upper extremity injury or limitation

  • Need to use their hands and arms durring recovery to maintain lifestyle and livelihood

  • Those with overall good health & balance

  • Willing to spend time learning

  • Lightweight at only 2.25 pounds

  • Fits both Left and Right legs

  • Adjusts easily

  • Fits most body types

Manufactured by FWD Mobility of Edmonds, WA.

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    Light Weight - 2 lbs

  • 3

    Fast & Easy Adjustments

  • 3

    Velcro makes putting on and taking off easy and fast

  • 3

    Durable Kevlar composite

  • 3

    Useful for foot, ankle, or knee injuries

  • 3

    Can be adjusted for complete offloading (Non Weight Bearing) or Partial - Toe Touch

  • 2

    Adjusts with out tools

  • 1

    Can be purchased on line

  • 2

    Not able to rent

  • 1

    Unable to adjust to get toes off ground (good for partial weight bearing but not full non weight bearing

  • 1

    Keeps the injured foot down whereas you want to keep the foot up to reduce pain and swelling.

  • 0

    Composite beam been reported to brake while in use.

  • 0

    Doesn't fit most body types

  • 0

    With the injured foot lowered, the device imposes a swinging motion during walking, which increases pain.

  • -1

    No repair parts available - foot pads, velcro, thigh pads wear out quickly

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Anonymous: #freedom_leg_walking_brace Please be careful what you believe. This person also posted very negative things about one of my products and they are untrue. I tried to follow up with the "people" who posted negative comments on mine and never got an answer so I searched for this user name online and discovered they are with Goodbye Crutches. We refused to do business with them and this is what they did to us as well. http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/APAF3US9CEEBI/ref=cr_cm_rdp_pdp Mar 27, 13
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Lewis Greenman
Lewis Greenman: #freedom_leg_walking_brace Before buying one I talked to Marlena Smith extensively about their return policy and about internet complaints. She assured me that these were the result of a vendor who wasn't following their policy. She said they stood by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. She spent a lot of time talking to me. Well I ordered one too long and found out my Dr. was gonna let me put weight on my leg within a week so I sent it back asking for a refund.
When the leg arrived back there was no one there for a week to sign for it. One month after they received it, I still have no refund and Marlena won't return phone calls or emails. This is the same complaint that other buyers had. Gonna have to sue them I guess. Sep 17, 12
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brochargail: #freedom_leg_walking_brace This company is a scam, they will sale you the product, take your money then they will not have any other correspondence with you about return or refund! if you do return product you lose the money and the product ! May 28, 12
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michael: #freedom_leg_walking_brace This company over charges in the first place, but I bought the freedom leg brace.. I should have not bought this. very bad design. the video showing the girl walking so easy, she had a lot of practice to try to make it look easy.. the company has refused to give me a receipt and failed to give me a return. they say I have 14 days to return here it is day 8 and they will not return any more of my calls and the online customer service was very rude and cut me off the conversation. I have documented and recorded the phone call. I have delt with bad companies like this in the past.. and I am prepared to sue. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM>> They do not hold a professional company. and no one ever answers the phone it always goes to voice mail... I want my MONEY BACK Feb 16, 12
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Anonymous: #freedom_leg_walking_brace I have a broken ankle. No weight bearing. Is the Freedom Leg Brace all they claim? Worth the money? Anyone have it break? How about walking on gravel, rough ground? Forward Mobility all these problems are fixed. Replacement parts a problem? Thanks! Nov 16, 10
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  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: I am in the uk and have been trying to buy one for 4 weeks, but the company is worse than useless. Its a good idea but looks like these guys haven't cracked it Jan 26, 11

  • brochargail

    brochargail: Stay away from this Company, it's a scam! They will sell you the brace, take your money and you will NEVER here from the again! You have been warned. May 28, 12

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