Exfoliating Cleanser- Be Fine Food Skin Care


Product Shot 1If you have liked the other Be Products, you may like this one as well.  The Be Fine Food Skin Care Exfoliating Cleanser leaves skin rosy, refreshed and looking healthy!  Best used at night to scrub off make up, oil and dirt-leaving skin to feel very refreshed.

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  It contains brown sugar, sweet almond and oats. "Almond is naturally high in minerals and removes impurities. Brown sugar and oats calm and heal.  This is non-irritating light buffing cleanser clears away dull and damaged skin," written on the box. Feels great on feet too! 


Allergen free fragrance

paraben free

vegetarian proteins

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dori1121: #exfoliating_cleanser_be_fine_food_skin_care I love it - I have a bad case of Roseaca and it's really helping. My face looks better than it has in years. I've tried other scrubs that were either too drying or too harsh. I love the way this scrubs away the dirt and then becomes a smooth moisturizing wash. It's wonderful on my shoulder and chest too.. making my skin look and feel years younger! May 12, 07
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KD1964: #exfoliating_cleanser_be_fine_food_skin_care my boyfriend loves using it before he shaves so now i have to buy more for the both of us. the bottles and packaging doesn't look feminine so I guess that they are unisex. Mar 19, 07
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J430Y: #exfoliating_cleanser_be_fine_food_skin_care I just started to use this product since I did love the toner so much. It feels great because when I want to scrub my skin I really want to scrub my skin and this product does exactly that without feeling to harsh. Mar 5, 07
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