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DEMO (Comic Book)

$14.00 Released December, 2005

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Art is fantastic (especially in later issues). Stories are interesting. Format allows for light or heavy reading.

The Cons:Narrow range of conflicts explored (all depressing). Too angsty.

Demo is a series of 12 short-story comics each following a different character as they struggle with the extraordinary powers they've been gifted/cursed. Each story is isolated from the other, the only connection being similar motifs and struggles the characters encounter.

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Even the art changes, as illustrator Becky Cloonan changes her style to match the story being presented.

Demo was originally presented in twelve different standalone issues. After completion the publisher, AiT/Planet Lars, collected the issues into a single bound book. In the book's forward writer Brian Wood explains how the concept of Demo arose out of a pitch to Marvel on a group of teenagers with powers. Brian states that Demo is darker and grittier than that original pitch, with the powers reducing their importance with the later stories focusing entirely on the characters themselves and their relationships.


  1. NYC
  2. Emmy
  3. Bad Blood
  4. Stand Strong
  5. Girl You Want
  6. What You Wish For
  7. One Shot, Don't Miss
  8. Mixtape
  9. Breaking Up
  10. Damaged
  11. Midnight to Six
  12. Mon Dernier Jour Avec Toi (My Last Day with You)


  • Wizard Magazine's "Best Indy" for 2004
  • Two Eisner Award nominations in 2005
    • Best Limited Series
    • Best Single Issue

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  • 1

    Art is fantastic (especially in later issues)

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    Stories are interesting

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    Format allows for light or heavy reading

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    Narrow range of conflicts explored (all depressing)

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    Too angsty

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Omar: #demo_comic_book I picked up Demo on impulse while perusing a comic book shop in Boston. I'm not big into comic books, but I have a passing interest in them, and the cover of this caught my attention. After reading the entire collection in one sitting I was left a little unsatisfied.

The stories are interesting, and the art gets really good, but the stories in general are just way too similar to one another. They're all dark and follow similar patterns of "no one understands me", "the world is out to use me", blah blah blah. I can understand using that thesis for some, or even many of the stories, but for ALL of them?

I'd imagine that the whole point of doing 12 separate stories is to examine a RANGE of themes. Unfortunately this opportunity is completely lost on Demo. Aug 20, 07
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