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Dance Central

$49.00 Released November, 2010

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Great song choices. Something for everybody. Very fun. Rock band is to drums, guitar, singing as this game is to dancing. Great exercise.

The Cons:More songs included with the game would make it even better. Only one player can dance at a time. CG characters are lame.

Dance Central is a dancing game designed to work with the Kinect camera tool for the Xbox 360. The interaction resembles what is found with Zumba Fitness, but the emphasis is more on gameplay than on fitness.

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This could be considered a simplified version of Dance Masters, which has more layers of complexity. Gameplay involves the camera tracking the body's entire movement set, and rating accuracy in time with the music. Learning individual dance moves can be done in Break It Down mode, and a step-by-step instruction mode teaches complete dances for each song. Beginner and expert modes are available. The soundtrack includes modern hits from pop, hip-hop and R&B artists.


  • Requires Kinect for Xbox 360
  • Tracks full-body dance moves
  • Completely free from any controller
  • Authentic choreography for beginners and experts
  • Soundtrack includes pop, hip-hop and R&B artists
  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Break It Down individual move instruction

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  • 3

    Great song choices. Something for everybody

  • 3

    Very fun. Rock band is to drums, guitar, singing as this game is to dancing

  • 3

    Great exercise

  • 3

    Break the songs down into parts and learn how to dance for real

  • 3

    Not a gimmicky use of Kinect. You forget that the sensor exists

  • 3

    Excellent swiping action for menus

  • 3

    The freestyle dancing section is a fun surprise

  • 2

    DLC already available with a continuous stream that will keep the game fresh

  • 2

    Game has a nice range of very easy songs to extremely difficult

  • 1

    great use of friends and leaderboards to motivate you with the extra bit of competition

  • 3

    More songs included with the game would make it even better

  • 3

    Only one player can dance at a time

  • 2

    CG characters are lame

  • 2

    Have to unlock the harder difficulty levels on songs for some reason

  • 1

    Would be better if it used your actual avatar as the dancer to emulate

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Amanie: #dance_central This is by far the best game for the #microsoft_kinect
It's so much fun to play (and laugh) at everybody's dancing skillz. Nov 25, 10
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  • Erik

    Erik: Agreed. It is amazingly fun. It's good enough to buy a Kinect for this game alone. Nov 25, 10

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