ConnectPRO UD-12-PLUS+

$214.00 Released February, 2011

Product Shot 1The ConnectPRO UD-12-PLUS+ is a lower mid-cost KVM switch. The two ports of this KVM switch, which allow you to control two computers from the same keyboard/video monitor/mouse set, are what make this model different from the higher cost UD-14-PLUS+ model, which has four ports.

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Beyond that, the two models share their specs. For example, both models have hot key control, which allows you to switch ports based on hot keys you have established on the keyboard. Another shared feature is auto scan, which allows you to view the activity on all of your ports at once. Both models are equipped with DDM technology, which raises KVM switch efficiency by cutting the lag time in switching ports.


  • Front panel indication: PC On-line: Green, Selected: Red, Both: Orange
  • IR remote control    
  • Hot plug-and-play   
  • Hot key control
  • Auto Scan
  • Selectable scan interval: 5, 8, 15, 20, 30 sec ( Hot key )
  • On/Off beep ( Hot key selectable)
  • Keyboard Type Rate: 10, 15, 20, 30 characters/sec ( Hot key )
  • Cable length: 15ft. at Console; 15ft. at PC
  • 2048 x 1536 resolution 400MHz DDC1 / 2B
  • Keyboard/mouse/monitor system/console connectors
  • USB B x 4 (keyboard/mouse to system)
  • DVI-I (monitor to system)
  • USB A ( DDM Technology ) x 2 (keyboard/mouse to console)
  • DVI-I (monitor to console)
  • Hub link port: USB A ( USB 2.0 ) x 2

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