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Cleveland CG7 Tour Black Pearl Irons

$799.00 Released January, 2010

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Black finish will reduce glare. Well-suited for players who fight a fade or slice. Black finish and mini grooves make it stand out from the pack.

The Cons:Clubs will look prematurely aged.

 Cleveland's CG7 Tour Black Pearl Irons are a mid-range set of irons intended for competitive use, and are based on the CG7 Black Pearl standard model. The technology and design is the same as the standard model, the main differences in the offset and loft of each club - the Tour edition clubs have slight variations in loft angles, and less of an offset in each club.

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Though less forgiving than the standard model, there is thus more workability in the Tour edition. Features include laser-milled, very precise grooves and microgrooves that increase the potential spin of the ball. The clubs have toe and heel weights to lower the centre of gravity, and there is a gel insert on the back of the club that absorbs impact and gives swings a more fluid feel. These clubs are 2010 rules compliant. Also note that the Tour clubs only have a pitching wedge and come only with steel shafts.


  • "ZipGrooves" have very precise and smooth consrtuction
  • Laser-etched microgrooves add friction for spin
  • One-piece gel cushioning absorbs impact
  • Progressive placement of internal cavity balances COG
  • High MOI
  • Toe/Heel weighting
  • Large centre of gravity
  • Available 2-Iron to PW
  • 18-degree (2-iron) to 46-degree (PW) loft
  • Steel shafts

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  • 2

    Black finish will reduce glare

  • 1

    Well-suited for players who fight a fade or slice

  • 1

    Black finish and mini grooves make it stand out from the pack

  • 1

    Zip Grooves will add increased spin when compared to normal irons

  • 1

    Does not vibrate that much on missed shots

  • 1

    Clubs will look prematurely aged

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