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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

$60.00 Released October, 2010

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Phenomenal graphics. Amazing art direction with great character designs. Levels look absolutely gorgeous.

The Cons:Some action sequences seem forced (riding the mounts, etc). Game holds your hand for a long time at the beginning (hints everywhere, etc). Platforming sections are pretty lame.

The Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is the 2010 installment in the Castlevania series, and it’s available for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 gaming consoles. It’s entirely in 3D and features 50 levels with common Castlevania gameplay like combat, platforming, and of course puzzles.

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But the graphics have been upgraded to high-definition, a plethora of professional actors have been hired to provide the voices, and a slew of new monsters like trolls, spiders, and goblins have been incorporated. Plus the game now hosts a traditional RPG-based experience system with which players can gradually upgrade and customize their player. Plus there are a bevy of advanced interactivity options like scaling walls, rappelling, and swinging across gaps.


  • Castlevania Series
  • Three-Dimensional Action Adventure
  • Traditional Gameplay Elements
  • New/Improved Gameplay Elements
  • High-Definition Graphics
  • Professional Actors (Voicing)
  • Experience-Based Player Customization
  • New Monster Types

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    phenomenal graphics

  • 1

    amazing art direction with great character designs

  • 1

    levels look absolutely gorgeous

  • 1

    levels are tight and contained which breaks up the action well

  • 1

    good voice acting

  • 1

    combat has quite a bit of depth to it

  • 1

    really cool boss battles with a great sense of scale

  • 1

    your powers get added on at a steady pace continually making you feel more and more powerful

  • 1

    a really epic adventure

  • 1

    just a lot of fun to play

  • 1

    difficulty ramps up very nicely on the casual level

  • 1

    Best adaptation / development of the 1986 NES title.

  • 1

    some action sequences seem forced (riding the mounts, etc)

  • 1

    game holds your hand for a long time at the beginning (hints everywhere, etc)

  • 1

    platforming sections are pretty lame

  • 1

    confusing ending

  • 1

    a lot of achievements are tied to collecting which means you have to replay a lot of levels if you want to get everything

  • 1

    some boring puzzles that break up the flow of the game, particularly near the end

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Omar: #castlevania_lords_of_shadow just finished the game this past weekend. Surprisingly a lot of people said the game gets better in the second half, but I found the opposite. The game never got bad, but the initial WOW I had definitely wore off. After the tenth key-grabbing/magic-activating puzzle I was ready for the game to come to an end.

It's definitely worth a play-through, and there are a lot of really good ideas in it, but if some of the sections could've been cut down and streamlined it would've made this game a real classic. Jan 24, 11
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Omar: #castlevania_lords_of_shadow I just started playing this game last night and I have to say WOW. It's really surprised me since this game didn't get a lot of hype, and I was not impressed at all by the demo. But actually sitting down and playing the full game, I have to say it's really darn good. The entire art direction is really something special, and combined with the great graphics you're treated to a real visual feast. After the hideousness that was #splatterhouse it'll be nice to treat myself to something a little more refined. Jan 5, 11
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Omar: It's boxing day in Canada, and even though I said I wasn't going to be spending much money Rogers Plus was having an INSANE deal where you buy 1 used game and get 2 used games for free. Yes, BUY 1 GET 2 FREE!

Being a mega gamer, how could I turn down such a deal?

My haul:

All for about $110! Dec 26, 10
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  • shadowtech

    shadowtech: I don't play many games but Bioshock 2 was a great. Dec 26, 10

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous: should be add to the Pros list "You Are A Big Daddy!"? Jul 22, 12

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