Anon Figment

$110.00 Released September, 2008

Product Shot 1The Anon Figment are mid-range to high-end men's ski/snowboard goggles designed specifically for the more dedicated snow sports enthusiast. Its dual and triple density face foam ensures a great deal of comfort even over long periods of use while its Panoramic Profile lens technology ensures optimal clarity from edge-to-edge.

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Product Shot 2 Additionally, the Figments sport full perimeter channel venting for reduced fogging.

The Figments' dual and triple density face foam utilizes moisture wicking fleece to soak up any sweat or moisture while ensuring a tight seal with the wearer's face, locking out the elements and ensuring a comfortable fit. Their Panoramic Profile lens technology provides the Figments with greater optical clarity from one edge of the lens to the other by way of a flat lens design that is thinnest at the center, gradually thickening toward the edges. Meanwhile, the Figments' full perimeter channel venting ensures optimal airflow to prevent fogging in any conditions.


  • Dual and triple density face foam
  • Panoramic Profile lens technology
  • Full perimeter channel venting
  • Interchangeable strap system
  • Lens visualizer technology
  • Vented dual-lens anti fog protection
  • Available with a variety of lens/frame colour combinations

Colour Options (Frame/Lens)

  • Tree Camo/Silver Amber
  • Lumberjack/Red Solex
  • Echo Red/Red Solex
  • Etched/Dark Smoke
  • Paint Camo/Green Solex
  • Logofill/Blue Solex
  • Black Emblem/Gold Chrome
  • White Emblem/Silver Amber
  • Respect/Gold Chrome
  • Limefish/Silver Amber
  • Mascot/Blue Solex
  • Black/Silver Amber
  • Black/Blue Solex
  • Black/Amber
  • Black/Blue Lagoon
  • White/Silver Amber
  • White/Blue Solex
  • White/Amber
  • White/Blue Lagoon

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